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International Pain School - Train The Trainer Program
International Pain School - Train The Trainer Program
International Pain School - Train The Trainer Program
International Pain School | Teaching tools

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International Pain School | Teaching tools

Educational materials

What do the educational materials consist of?

Experts in different fields of pain have created Lecturer Tool Boxes, each one addressing a different aspect of pain management, such as assessment, pharmacology, treatment of acute and chronic pain. The Tool Box includes slides for a 45 minute talk and a handout. The handout will be used by the Trainer-to-be while preparing to study the information in the talk (= ) and by the participants as a resource during the talk and for future reference.

Each Tool Box follows a uniform format with regards to its structure and layout. The talks do not intend to provide the audience with a scientific update or a comprehensive review but with down to earth and practical information about a certain topic related to management of pain, including, when relevant, practical treatment algorithms and case reports to clarify the information provided.

Talks and Lecture Notes

A good presentation and how to avoid lecture disasters

Lecture Disasters

Definitions and epidemiology of pain physiology and pathophysiology of pain

Neurophysiology of Pain

Taking a pain history and assessment of pain

Pain Assessment Pain Assessment Manual

Clinical pharmacology of analgesics and non-pharmacological treatments

Clinical Pharmacology - Analgesic drugs Handout

Acute pain – the essentials

Post-op pain management - low-tech

Acute pain – using high tec means of treatment

Post-op management hi-tech

Cancer pain – the essentials

Cancer pain - low-tech Lecture notes

Cancer pain – advanced

Cancer pain - hi-tech Lecture notes

Neuropathic pain – the basics

Neuropathic Pain - low-tech Handout

Neuropathic pain – advanced

Neuropathic Pain - hi-tech

Chronic pain & special management challenges

Special Management Challenges

Psychological aspects of managing pain

Psychological Aspects

Palliative care and symptom management

Palliative Care


Sources used by the authors when writing the talks – they are available to you too.